Friday, March 30, 2007

Parts For Sale

I've got a few parts for sale: Click for Large image.

Shocks: Under sides bent as you can see from picture. Can be fixed. A minor ding on one. Will need serious polishing: $5 each
Right side mirror minor scraches no rash. Very good part. $5.00
Left side mirror: FREE
Light bar. Actually for an HD. It was on my bike when I got it. Nice part. $15.00

Bar Ends: One is nearly perfect, The other one has some small marks but is really pretty good. Neither has any rash. $5/pair

Exhaust cover: Sent to me in error, I want to try and get my $25 out of it.

I'll take check, money order, cash, or paypal. I'll only charge actual shipping costs from omaha 68135

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Vulcan Links - Great discussion group plus lots of info on Vulcans - Definitive resource for BUBFs - For Classics and Nomads

Click on Photos

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Check out my Honda twin cafe project:

Looking good

About 90% complete. Love that buffing wheel!


What a snotter. I had to push her home the last 1/2 mile. Over heated. Turns out it was only running on one cylinder.