Saturday, April 7, 2007

Let There Be Light

I've always like the look of the driving lights. I stole this on eBay for $65.00. What a deal. Thanks Bunkerracing.

This took forever to install: nearly four hours. I used the auxiliary leads in the head light and a switch on the bar. Had to drill a few holes to get the blinkers to fit.

Man it looks hot! I makes it look so much wider.

There is a significant dent/roadrash on one of the light rings. If anyone has an extra one, I'd like to buy it.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

B-day Gifts

I got some great stuff for my birthday. My wife picked out the tool bag and My Mom + Dad gave me $50 which just about covered the mirrors and grips. The crash bar was a gift to myself. I also got a light bar of eBay for 60 bucks. Still waiting for it.

Crash Bar Installation

I bought the crash bar made by Kawasaki (Part number K32000-028B) off eBay from sick_moto. Fast, well packaged and cheaper the most.

Some tips to anyone considering getting/ installing one.

- Just over 1 hour to install
- A 13mm ratcheting box end wrench will make your life easy.
- The replacement bolts on foot pegs are not chrome. I think they look like poo-poo.
- Allen head screws are not metric unless they are a half size or something.

Over all I'm satisfied. Easy, sturdy install. Looks good. Just wish the bolts were chrome.

It's possible that the OEM chrome bolts will still work but they maybe too short with the addition of the bar brackets.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Parts For Sale

I've got a few parts for sale: Click for Large image.

Shocks: Under sides bent as you can see from picture. Can be fixed. A minor ding on one. Will need serious polishing: $5 each
Right side mirror minor scraches no rash. Very good part. $5.00
Left side mirror: FREE
Light bar. Actually for an HD. It was on my bike when I got it. Nice part. $15.00

Bar Ends: One is nearly perfect, The other one has some small marks but is really pretty good. Neither has any rash. $5/pair

Exhaust cover: Sent to me in error, I want to try and get my $25 out of it.

I'll take check, money order, cash, or paypal. I'll only charge actual shipping costs from omaha 68135

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Vulcan Links - Great discussion group plus lots of info on Vulcans - Definitive resource for BUBFs - For Classics and Nomads

Click on Photos

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Check out my Honda twin cafe project:

Looking good

About 90% complete. Love that buffing wheel!


What a snotter. I had to push her home the last 1/2 mile. Over heated. Turns out it was only running on one cylinder.